Whitby Book      The Meetings Crime after Crime Cover v1aMy first story, St Hilda’s Embrace,  was published by English Heritage in their book Whitby Abbey: Pure Inspiration in 2010.  Since then in 2011, I won a short story competition run by Austin and Macauley Publishers ltd who published my winning story ‘The Meetings’on Amazon as a e-book.

In December 2011, I was the overall winner in the Writing Magazine/ Harrogate Crime Story Competition when the best selling and internationally renowned crime writer, Mark Billingham selected my short dark crime story Roofscapes’ .  This can be read on the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival site You’re Booked in  their  The Joys of Reading.

You can read other one of my short crime story on the Cafelit.co.uk site called ‘Cold Calling’.

In 2012, Bridge House Publishing published an anthology Crime after Crime in which my dark crime tale called ‘Rat Trap’ can be found. In November 2013, my short wild life story ‘The Newcomers’  was published by Springbok Publications in their anthology ‘Plight of the Rhino’.

2013. . .  I’ve had three more stories go in hard copy.   ‘Cold Calling’ is now available in Cafelit 3

‘The Gardener’ a tale about botanist who is willing to stop at nothing to safeguard her borders, is found in ‘A Flock of Shadows’ published by Parthian books.

‘The Kite’ A tale of enlightenment set among the trenches of the First World War in found in ‘Light in the Dark’ published by Bridge House Publishing.

The Meetings is now published as a hard copy in Bridge House Anthology ‘Snowflakes‘.

Roofscapes London1bb copy
cards too
Cold calling
The Funeral Bird
Hate by Black Hare Press

Oceans by Black Hare Press
Black Hare Press
Bad Romance by Black Hare Press
Jibbernocky by Black Hare Press


  1. How wonderful you have these publications! I’ve read on Anne R. Allen’s blog that it’s a good idea to start one’s path to publication with short stories. You’re establishing yourself as a publishable writer, making it (relatively) easier to find a publisher for your novel. Best of luck to you! Oh, and, happy to meet you as well 🙂


    1. It’s always great to meet a like-minded person, 1WW. Thank you for being the first to comment on my ‘Published Stories’ Page. I’ve added a couple of links to my writing which are available to read online. ‘Roofscapes’ link will take you straight to the short story. At the moment I’m busy working on the novel which is written from the artist’s POV.


  2. You’re doing really well, congratulations. Happy to find you here and to exchange natter. I find it hard to talk about my work and cringe when anyone reads it but I eventually let go and then stand behind the blue touch paper. So naked at times like that.


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