12th April 2021

I’m so pleased to be back working on As The Crow Flies the amazing thing is I’m learning all about Elizabethan Britain. I want to make sure I have everything right. In one of the early scene I have Granny give Dave a herbal tea. I suddenly thought when did tea come to Britain. Though the word Tea was mention in several old documents. The first factor that contributed to the rise in popularity of tea was its reputation as a medicinal drink. Tea first became labelled as a medical drink in 1641 by the Dutch physician and director of the Dutch East India Company and was drunk by the wealthy. It didn’t become common place until the late 1690. When tea was first introduced to England, the British East India Company was not directly trading with China, and merchants relied on tea imports from Holland in the 1700.

12th February 2021

Went out walk around two nearby churches as ideas for locations Bradwell Church and Cressing Church See Posts for more details A Walk Back in Time

Details about Cressing Church in Looking for inspiration

22nd January 2021
I’ve started work on my new novel. As The Crow Flies. It’s a follow on novel for the characters from ‘The Funeral Birds’. I have the story in my head, even the ending, but it’s getting the tale from A to B, I’m having the problem with. So far I’ve written the first chapter and started the second.
I’m trying to stay focused on the main thread of the story without filling in too much back story as I feel this can be told over a series of books.
As The Crow Flies is told on two time lines. My main concern is how do I do this in the most natural way to keep everything flowing, without jarring the reader out of the story.
Right, back to work.