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If you rather not buy my single collection Days Pass Like A Shadow on Amazon, it is available from these online stores:

The Bridge Town Café Bookshop

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Facebook Writing Group:
For Writer’s Only, The Clubhouse. An online writing group which chats about publishing/ books/ and submission call outs.

Facebook Clubhouse Bookshop
If you are an author and you want somewhere to market your book, join us at the Clubhouse Bookshop.

Reviews & Interviews

Demain Publishing
Author Interview: The Funeral Birds

Darkstroke Books
Author Interview: Link

Kendall Reviews
Steve Stred Reviewed The Funeral Birds

Sci-fi and Fantasy Reviewer Reviews, Days Pass like a Shadow.

Brian Heys – Book Review
Brian Heys reviewed The Funeral Birds

Priscilla Bettis, Author. The Making of a Horror Novelist. Priscilla Bettis reviewed Days Pass Like A Shadow

Kath Lambert’s Review of Chimes at Midnight short story.

Into The Unknown Online Magazine: interview

Chandler’s Ford Today
Allison Symes Interview Paula R C Readman

Azra Syed: Practical Tips to Combat Writer’s Block.
Meet the Our Author

Janine’s Ghost Stories: Kandisha Press Interview Series Celebrating Graveyard Smash release. Part 2 Interview with Paula R C Readman

Others Places:

Bridge House Publishing:
Latest News: Submission Acceptances

Black Hare Press
Dark Moments Online: Here Comes the Knock & You Came To Me

Black Hare Press
An Interview with Paula R.C. Readman

Jibbernocky: Black Hare Press: Interview for Children’s books. Jelly & Ice Cream

Short Story Podcast: Episode 38
Hosted by J. B. Wocoski reads Cold Kiss

A Magnet Book for Readers and Writers
Dawn Knox explains what a magnet is and why it’s free for readers. The Magnet Book includes Dawn and Paula’s short stories.

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