My journey to become a published writer wasn’t easy. In 2006 I enrolled in my local college to join other mature students in an adult learning scheme to help people who left school unable to read and write. The class I was in had a mixed collection of people who all had different levels of abilities.

My friend Nicky Slade asked me to blog about my experiences, which I did at the time. As you will soon learn things didn’t go according to plan and will see that I didn’t use people’s real names for obvious reasons. Below is the list of my recent posts about my classes back in 2006 as I struggled to learn English grammar as part of my journey to become a published writer.

I hope you enjoy reading them.

Day 1 of 32 The Day I Became A Mature Student

Day 2 When One Door Opens Another is Locked

Day 3 An Object or Complement

Day 4 An Evening of Confusion

Day 5 A Day of Reckoning

Day 6 A Class of Distinction

Day 7 My Further Adventures with Mr C

Day 8 No Sign of Light

Day 9 Some words have a ‘Sell by Date’

Day 10 Mr C in his Element.

Day 11 We talked and Mr C Listened

Day 12 Don’t write too much

Day 13 More words of Wisdom from Mr C

Day 14 Now I’m Teaching The Teacher.

Day 15 A Busy week in the life of a would-be writer

Day 16 Good Old Mr C

Day 17 Madness or Catch-22

Day 18 The End No More Mr C