At the beginning of the year I submitted six pieces of work. To date I’ve suffered two rejections, one was for Essex Reading Year short story competition which I’ve heard nothing further about, so I’m taking that as a rejection. My short uplifting story, Dreams of India Sky was rejected by Cafelit.

I received news this week that my short story, Just a Packet of Seeds has made it into the Bridge House Publishing anthology, Gifted. I was shocked because I really wasn’t expecting it not after Dreams of India Sky was rejected. Both of the stories aren’t my normal dark Gothic Tales as I had been seriously thinking about changing the direction of my writing and trying the lighter side of life. Since doing the book talk in Brentwood, I’ve changed my mind as I now feel the gothic tales I’m writing are finding the readers.

The Gifted anthology will be launched in December 2023. I’m so pleased to be among so many other great writers.

Thanks to a comment I made on my friend Dawn’s post, I’ve been invited to a local radio station to talk about my writing. It’s amazing how one thing leads to another.

At the moment, I have set my writing to one side as I have four commissions for paintings to complete. I’ve decided to divide the year up so during the summer I’m painting because there are too many distractions while writing. In the summer, my garden cries out for my attention as I grow vegetables and the lawn needs cutting, too. I can stay more focused on the writing in the winter months once I’m in a flow.

I was pleased to find that my new novella, Never Reaching the End has recived its first UK book review.

Have a great day. Now I’m off to do some painting. I’ll be back soon.


  1. Where do you find places to submit to? And do the places dictate the length of the story? I don’t have a huge amount of shorts but I’d like to submit something at some point. Get some rejections under my belt.

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