Time seems to be passing by quickly, as I feel like I’m running at high speed but not making much progress. My first talk is coming up soon and while reading blog posts by other writers, I came across an author who had a display cloth with her name printed on it. This cloth is placed on the table and hangs like a banner under the display of books.

After researching online, I found out that display cloths can be quite pricey. However, since I have three upcoming events this year, I decided it was worth investing in one. To design it, I used my Canva account and considered featuring my six book covers. However, my husband wisely pointed out that this could make the cloth appear outdated as I continue to publish more books.

Instead I created a simple black and white design and I felt this was within keeping with my Victorian Gothic Crime theme. When I display my books they will add the colour along with the book marks, to my stand.

Lovely Jim has finished reading my sci-fi novel and left me a wonderful review on Amazon. Thank you so much, Jim.

Click here, The Phoenix Hour, if you would like to check the book out for yourself. I look forward to reading your review. Thank you.

Have a wonderful week, everyone.


  1. Hi Paula! You are more than welcome for the review, my friend. It’s a great book; a real “page turner” in my estimation. Well done!! Your design cloth looks great. It’s a super good idea and investment.


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