Writing a book is a difficult task, and finding a publisher is even more challenging, but the anticipation of receiving the first review can be nerve-wracking. While family and friends may praise your work, it’s the honest and trustworthy individuals who provide the real test. The ideal reviews should not reveal the plot, but provide a brief outline that captures the readers who are on the search for their next read.

Now my wait is over, I can relax and get back to thinking about my Granny Wenlock novel. I’m delighted Priscilla enjoyed “Never Reaching the End. ” She’s a reader who has always been truthful about my writing and even alerted me to some typos in my previous novel, “Stone Angels,” which I was able to pass on to my publisher for correction.

Here’s her wonderful review:

Thank you so much, Priscilla.

It’s great to know that the story I wrote is understood by others, and they get it. I always worried what’s in my head doesn’t appear clearly on the page. Now I can stop worrying Thanks to, Priscilla.

If you would like to check Never Reaching the End for yourself please click here

Have a great week, everyone.


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