Over the weekend, my husband and I visited the printing shop in town to pick up the bookmarks I had ordered for my upcoming book talk. However, during our previous visit, the owner informed us that one of the files hadn’t downloaded onto the memory stick, resulting in only five out of the six bookmarks I needed to be printed ready for my event.


My home printer couldn’t handle the thickness I needed to produce high-quality cards, so I decided to have them printed at a shop. They were able to fit ten cards per sheet, which worked out well. I’m happy with the results. The printer has to complete the sixth bookmark in the set and is keeping a file on his computer for my next order. I’ve chosen to print the information sheets myself instead of paying the quoted price of £70.

Once we left the printing shop, we made a stop at our nearby animal charity shop to make a donation. During our visit, I came across seven plastic plate stands that were priced reasonably at 50p each. These stands are quite sturdy and can be easily folded for storage, making them ideal for displaying books. I plan on using them to showcase the books I intend to sell at the talks I have scheduled shortly.

I’m struggling to write 9,000 words for my upcoming talk. It’s a difficult task, and I’m not sure if what I’m writing will be interesting to others. It’s been exhausting trying to come up with topics that other writers would find engaging, such as my journey to becoming a published author, the publishers I work with, and my marketing strategies. I hope that my audience will find value in my presentation and feel that their time was well spent listening to me speak for an hour.

I’m guessing until I’ve done the first talk on the 13th May I won’t know whether I’m worth it or not. At least, I shall know before we travel to Scotland in September.

Today is the launch of my new novella Never Reaching the End. A big thank you to everyone who pre-ordered it. I look forward to reading your reviews.

Have a great weekend.


  1. I think your journey to publication is interesting. Others will want to learn about your challenges in school and lack of support from those close to you in your early years. Good luck writing your speech and later presenting it! Let us know how it goes!

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