I can’t thank readers enough for leaving reviews on my books. Of course, one never knows whether the reviews will be positive or not. I accept reading is all about personal taste. One reader’s taste is another reader’s dislike.

Another way of looking at reviews is if you only have five-star reviews when your book is first released, readers might form the opinion they are from family and friends of the author. A few three and four-stars give a much more honest review of your book. It’s helpful to receive a few negative reviews as long as the reviewer has explained what they didn’t like about your book. These can be any number of things from, the writing style, typos, depth of plot, underdeveloped plot, etc. Some negative reviews have nothing to do with the author, but Amazon, which isn’t very helpful to readers or authors. The cover was damaged, it was the wrong book. Then there’s the one I received for one of my books, ‘The ending wasn’t what I was expecting.’

What can I say apart from it was the way I wrote the ending, sorry.

Of course, we authors become very excited when we receive an honest review from someone we don’t know on a personal level, especially when it’s unexpected. This week I received such a review.

If you haven’t read my collection of short stories then click here

Thank you so much, Diana for your amazing review of my collection. I’m so pleased you enjoyed them.


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