I’ve been busy making marketing material over these last two days. I need them ready to hand out at book talks I shall be attending later in the year. I’ve also been busy designing two new bookmarks to hand out along with the books I hope to sell. I know there are services available, which could do them for me, but on my computer, I have a couple of programs I can use to design them for myself. It’s more fun and cheaper too.

Here’s a screen shot of my information sheet.

I finally sorted out the issues with the computer telling the printer to print on the back of the same sheet instead of a second one. In case, I needed to run off a few extra copies. Tomorrow I’m taking the sheet and the bookmarks on a memory stick to a local printer as it will work out cheaper than buying ink cartridges and paper for my printer. I’ve used the printing shop before and found them very helpful. They printed the bookmarks on a thick card and put my details on the back for a reasonable price.

I designed two new bookmarks using the program on my computer after selecting two free pictures from Pixabay for the background. I’m pleased with how they turned out but a little worried that the text might not stand out clearly from my chosen background picture.  

I shall let you know whether the bookmarks were successful. I’m off to do some reading now, If I don’t fall asleep. Have a wonderful weekend.

Chat again soon.


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