My hard learnt lesson for today. Paula, so you’re not as popular as you think. 🤔
Oh hmm, wasn’t the most popular girl in school either 😈 And, We all know what happened to King’s Carrie. 😂🤣😂🤣

We all want to do our best to have some recognition for the effort we put into our writing. If anything, I keep telling myself, Rise above it, Paula and move on. It’s the only thing I’m good at, motivating myself. If you don’t try, you can’t succeed. One step at a time, and keep moving forward.

Yesterday, and for the last week, I’ve been busy editing my next book. It got me wondering if computers can think outside the box and be as creative in the same way as humans. I managed to spot a plot hole 🕳 in my latest book yesterday evening, thank goodness. I didn’t spot it before, but once that piece of the puzzle dropped into place, I started focusing on what else I might have missed. It’s the reason I don’t like to rush my books or work under pressure. It’s too easy to overlook something that could spark a new idea or finish an important thread. 

Two of my books have recently received two-star ratings. It’s tough when that happens. My insecurities kicked in, causing me to question my ability to write rather than whether the reader didn’t like other elements of the books. Maybe, it had nothing to do with my ability to write itself. It might have been the plot, the characters. One reader said they didn’t like the ending of one of my books because it wasn’t how they thought it would finish. (Well, they didn’t write it) It might not have been the right time for them to read the books, and they rushed to finish them, skipping pages rather than reading every word.

Right, have a great day, everyone. I’m off to finish my editing.


  1. I couldn’t see your book to vote for it? When you sent the link around and asked us to vote I clicked the link but your book wasn’t there, or I would have voted for it. Maybe you’re not as unpopular as you think, as others might have had the same issue I did!

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    1. Oh bless you. My comment was tongue in cheek. As I don’t expect to win every time. Thank you for trying. I did find you had to click twice to take you to the right page. I’ve submitted another book, so we’ll see if it gets lucky 🍀❤️


      1. Ah okay, I was looking if it was something like this but I couldn’t see where to click. Anyway, don’t get disheartened is what I came to say. You probably have more fans than you realise!

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      2. Bless you. I know it’s such a tough world in the publishing industry. I’m with a small publisher so I have to market my books. It can get costly, so I’m trying to find places to market my books without spending a fortune. I have a talk coming up soon. I’m hoping I don’t get too nervous and can enjoy it.


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