My marketing on Twitter is finally bringing some results.

I’m steadily building up a following, generating sales slowly, and hoping to get more reviews, too. Today, I received a review for my novella, The Funeral Birds. When I first had an account on Twitter, I couldn’t work out how to use it. On Facebook, you just posted photographs of whatever interested you, write a few lines, and liked other people’s post. I tried to use Facebook promotional groups, but anything you posted in them soon disappeared from view, as other writers added their posts to the thread. Most Facebook promotional groups, I found to be a waste of my time.

Twitter is completely different. Simply add a few of the right hashtags to your post, suddenly your post is available to a wider audience. Having five books to post about, I tended to share one of them every day. Some days I posted an ad for it in the morning, mid day and then in the evening. The following day I would check my Amazon Author’s page to see if there been any movement with the book I had been promoting. To start with, there was only little red arrows as my books tumbled down, but I carried on promoting on Twitter and soon green arrows started to appear. I had no money available to promote anywhere else, and stopped using Facebook business account as it turned into a very hungry caterpillar, with nothing to show.

Slowly, I started to think outside the box, changing the wording to my post. Remembering to always think up new advertisements for each of my books. Keeping it as simple as I could knowing I had only a second in which to catch someone’s attention. I started advertising my books by linking them into the Goodreads Reading Challenge, especially, The Funeral Birds as it is a short read.

When you post an ad on Twitter, it allows you to see how many people have looked at your post, clicked on your link and how many times its been shared, too. All this information helps you to build up knowledge to know if your promoting is working.

So what have I learnt since I’ve cracked the Twitter code?

First of all, to avoid all the nastiness that can surface anywhere on the net, I found it’s best to stick to the writing and reading communities, so use #writingcommunity #writerscommunity #reading community #readers within all your post. If you want to connect with other writers use #AmWriting #WIP #writerslife #writing #authorchat

The magical thing about Twitter is you can promote your books every day, many times over by using the #Writerslift hashtag by typing it into the search engine. Every day someone will do a Writer’s Lift so you just add your book cover and the book’s link to that post and share. You must remember, it’s important to retweet as many other people’s posts as possible, if you want them to share yours.

Here some hashtags to remember:

  • Books: #books #whattoread #whatImreading #BookLover #ReadEverything #BookWorm
  • Publishing: #AskAgent #AskEditor #GetPublished #ScifiChat #Publishing #WriteTip
  • Other Writers: #AmWriting #AmEditing #Writerslife #AuthorRT #WriteChat #WIP
  • Book Promos: #bookboost #bookblast #IARTG


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