Happy Anniversary to my blog and me. Nine years ago, I started my WordPress blog because the Blogger(dot)com blog I once had gave me huge problems when uploading photos on to the site. Since moving over to WordPress, I’ve always been happy here.

Editing and Writing:

For the last few days I’ve been playing around with a story I wrote in 2019. I needed to reduce the word count by half. The problem was the story was incomplete and needed more bite to give it a buzz. The more I edited the storyline the more it grew. The main problem being the tale was set over days, as knight made a journey to another castle to collect a young veiled woman and return to complete the task he had been given. Of course, his return journey wasn’t going to be easy.

As the word count for the submission was too short, I didn’t have enough words to build up the tension before dropping in the action and then have a plot twist. Also the story was told in the third person so I needed more words. I couldn’t see a way of reducing the word count without losing the bulk of the story, and creating a weaker plot, so I gave up trying. The story won’t go to waste as I’m sure I can find somewhere else to send the tale once I’ve completed it.

After hunting around on my computer for another incomplete story, I found one. This one was an unfinished tale, I wrote in 2018 and was told in the first person. A change of title and four hours of editing has already given it a real buzz, which has allowed the muses to inspire me with a better ending, all within the thousand word guideline for the submission.

Reading and Reviewing:

I always enjoy doing the GoodReads Reading Challenge and have read three of my 70 books I have set for my challenge for 2023. Last night, I finished reading Lethal White by Robert Galbriath. It’s the Cormoran Strike fourth book. I’ve loved the books since picking up the first in the series at a car-boot sale. I must admit I was curious to find out if J. K. Rowling was any good at writing adult books, having never read any of the Harry Potter series. The Cuckoo’s Calling had me hook from the opening line, and I couldn’t put it down.

Lethal White is a big book. I’m sure J.K. Rowling could have reduced the word count and tightened the book in places if she had edited it better. I’m so in love with the characters, Cormoran and Robin I put those issues to one side and read on. I know, I’m a bit out of order here, as I read Trouble Blood book 5 as part of my Goodreads Challenge last year, before reading book 4. I found the opening chapters in book four a little boring as they were all about Robin’s wedding to Matthew, who wanted her to stop working with Strike. I picked up Trouble Blood in a charity shop (I’m sure J.K. won’t miss my money) and found it hooked me straightaway, so I went back to finish reading the fourth book.

I’m now reading Ink Black Heart (book six) which my son bought me for Christmas. Once again, its a big book, so I hope I won’t be disappointed with the storyline. I know J.K. Rowling has had problems because she has been outspoken on a certain subject, but I’m only interested in her books, and the characters Cormoran and Robin.

What are you reading at the moment?

Happy reading everyone. thank you for dropping by.


  1. I’ll have to give the Galbraith books a try, so far I’ve only watched the television series and enjoyed them. I’m currently reading The Time Traveller’s Guide to Regency Britain by Ian Mortimer – a history book but very readable.

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  2. I’m reading Dead Before Dinner by Kat Bellemore. It’s a cozy murder mystery set in New Mexico. The heroin is a psychologist who just moved from a big university to a private practice in a small town. Great fun so far!

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