If you had one wish, what would it be?

Having only one wish creates all kinds of problems depending on what kind of person you are. You’ll find yourself torn between using the wish to fulfil your own dreams, or to help others.
Having only one wish, is like having only one life. Do we live a life where we help others, or just follow our own destiny?

Maybe, it’s just a question of looking at the bigger picture.
If helping others gives you a sense of satisfaction in your life, then that’s the route you should take. If following your own dreams gives you a sense of accomplishment, your peace of mind and happiness will rub off on others around you.

So back to my question, what would you wish for, if you had only one wish?

Oh, I’m guessing you’ll want to know what my wish would be. My wish is that people were less wasteful, especially when it comes to clothing.

On our local TV, the other night, was a news item showing how much waste was being dumped in our countryside. A huge amount of fast fashion waste is creating a mountain of clothing, covering vast areas of landfill sites, as well as filling charity organisations’ warehouses. A large amount of water is needed when making the clothes which in some cases are only worn once, and then thrown away. Pollution created through dyes used in the manufacturing process when clothes are made are getting into our rivers and seas.

If we were to step back in time, and that’s only a short time ago, we didn’t have such a vast amount of clothes in our wardrobes. Fashion was a seasonal thing. New collections came out four times a year, spring, summer, autumn and winter. The clothes reflected the weather. Each decade had its own style .i.e. the sixties’ mini skirts, Beehive hairstyles, the mop top and pixie haircut, The eighties’ wide shoulder pads, bright colours. Hair was teased and permed, voluminously styled, and crimped etc.

Now we are desperately seeking individualism, wanting to start a trend, to be an influencer and create a following. A moment of fame. As each individual now has their own world stage via the internet others can follow the influencers’ way of dressing, copying their make up etc. The only problem is everyone wants to be a trendsetter, and to fill that need is creating an environmental disaster which will affect us all in the end.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Like having only one wish, or living one life, there’s nothing wrong with being an individual, but maybe, you should think more about how your lifestyle is effecting not only the people around you, but the environment too. It must be remembered there is only one planet Earth, and we must all play our part in looking after it.

So next time you go shopping ask yourself three simple questions: Do you really need it? Is it environmentally friendly? and most importantly, can you dispose of it fully, without creating an impact on the environment, when you’ve finished with it?

Thank you for reading my blog.

Chat again soon.


    1. Same here. I have a wardrobe of clothes that I create new outfits from by mixing and matching. Though, most of my clothes apart from underwear comes from charity shops. Being a single mother on a tight budget, charity shops helped me to feed, clothe and keep a roof over my son’s head while helping others. I’ve just never got out of the habit. My house is furnished with secondhand furniture, the kitchen and also everything else too. I even joke my husband too was preloved. 😂

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  1. PS I have this thing for coats, and I got this Salvation Army worker coat once from a thrift store…and I was feeling in the lining…”What is that?” I wondered. It was a letter, written in German! It was a prosaic letter but I still have it somewhere!

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