The world through my eyes:

I’m finding this world a little crazy at the moment. What with the continuing war in the Ukraine and the rising food and energy prices, along with the struggling NHS in Britain. The daily news media seems to be full of negative worldwide stories. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget to mention our little whining Prince Harry and his sidekick, Meghan.

Oh dear, don’t get me started. All I will say, is thank goodness, we have William and Kate to carry our stunning, hard working Royals into the future. What many people forget is how much money the royal family generate for this country, along with the charity work they do and the jobs their create for others in a direct and indirect way. Also they pay their taxes too. As an English person, I wouldn’t want their duties, or job. Most British people understand the pressures that come with being a member of the royal family. You may be wealthy, but its a full time job from cradle to grave. Every breath you take, every move you make, someone is watching you. Our Queen Elizabeth II served our country well, with grace and dignity, every day of her life. Harry must have grown up with some understanding of what would be expected of him. At least, his time spent in the army would have taught him how to follow orders, and instil a sense of duty towards others. I haven’t watched all the Netflix series, but what I have seen makes me shudder. The victim attitude both Harry and Meghan are playing is so shallow and degrading, especially, in a world when there’s real suffering going on.

Harry and Meghan have a steady income, and a lovely home, two beautiful healthy children and live in a peaceful part of the world. What more do they want or need to live a private life? Harry is using the Media, the thing he complained had destroyed his mother’s life. As far as I can see he’s milking his mother’s memory and seems to forget his brother William suffered the same loss, too.

In a strange way, maybe Harry and Meghan has done the world a big favour and we will see less whining coming from people who have no right to complain. Yes, mental health issues, and abuse should be openly discussed, but only among people who can physically help you and not for the reason Harry and Meghan did it. 10 million pounds, a book deal, and worldwide interviews for even more money isn’t sitting down in a private room to sort out one’s mental health issues or rebuilding relationships between loved ones. I was surprise to find such a large number of people across the globe had the same reaction as myself.

Oh, do shut up, Harry and go away. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

After all, you did choose to turn your back on your duties and country. You wanted a private life away from everyone and everything. So stop whining, and get on with enjoying your life.

My Writing:

At the moment, I’m focusing on finishing editing a short story I wrote for a women’s magazine in 2011. The story isn’t in my normal style of writing. When I set off on my writing journey, I wasn’t sure what sort of writer I wanted to be, so I played around with all sorts of different genres until I found which was the most comfortable for me to write in.

At the moment, I’m finding full on horror isn’t rocking my boat, too much horror happening in the real world for me to get excited about writing it. I can understand why the film industry releases a lot of uplifting movies when the world is going through a negative period. People want escapism, with a positive uplifting end, that can give them hope for the future. Good triumphs over evil.

We’ll chat again soon.

Have a great day.


  1. I totally agree. I’m disappointed in Harry, as he is most certainly led around by his nose by a scheming and overbearing woman. If they want to separate themselves from the Royal family, so be it. However, they showed the world, they really don’t deserve the benefits that come with being a royal. Truly a low class couple, that basically held up the monarchy to attain their wealth and boo hoo their “terrible” treatment. Shame on Harry. His mother is rolling in her grave.

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    1. My heart goes out to his father and brother. How could Harry be so thoughtless as his father has only just lost his mother. Being a royal he couldn’t mourn her death in private. You would have thought Harry would understand how awful it must be, but he’s so blind to his own faults.


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