I’ve been busy creating a few birthday and Christmas gifts for family. Yes, it’s has been a bit of a break from writing but in a strange way, I have found many similarities between the two creative mediums. Today, after writing out my Christmas cards, I started drawing out my next painting.

I’m back to working on a large canvas 30in by 20in (76.2 by 50.8 cm). Painting is like writing in as much as you have to carefully draw out your idea and plot the beginning, middle and the end. A bit like creating characters for your novel, when painting you have to create in your mind’s eye your subject, visualise how the painting will hook your viewer just the same as it is when your reader sees the open paragraph of a novel. With this painting of a hare, I want the viewer to witness the speed of the animal .

First draft of my new painting.

Hare can travel at 35 miles (56km)an hour if disturbed. I’m hoping by using paint I can illustrate its speed in a single frame. As you can see I like to sketch out my idea in detail. Once I’m happy with it, I will start adding in the background.

Love Birds: I painted this in acrylic for my son’s in laws for their Christmas present. Please click to enlarge.

Don’t worry I haven’t given up writing, I’m just enjoying a short break.

Chat with you again soon.


    1. Thank you so much, Priscilla. I’ve been trying out different styles of painting to find a style I enjoy working in. In our village we have a craft fair in December. I’m now painting a series of different styles and subjects ready for next year. Myself and another artist are going to have a stall together. I will have my books available along side my paintings.


    1. I’m really looking forward to working on it, but I must focus on my next novel. I’m joining forces with another artist in my village and we are going to share the cost of a craft fair stall and exhibit our work together. I will be able to sell my books too.

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