This morning’s walk took us to the small hamlet of Perry Green. It was an interesting walk as we met the local farmer who stopped to chat with Ana and I because we weren’t on the public footpath, but a farm track. After we explained we were heading towards Perry Green, we began chatting about the new Solar Panel Farm which is being built on what we thought was his land. We were surprised to learn that he didn’t actually own the land but rented it from the Gravel Pit company. The Gravel Pit company owns a huge chunk of land that had been bought up during 1942 to build the airfield which the Americans used during the Second World War to help Britian in the battle for Europe.

The 250-acres farm once belonged to the Felix Hall Estate of Kelvedon as listed in 1913 along with twenty-three other properties many were huge farms around my village. I did wonder whether the solar panel farm will be used to power the incinerator which is being built on the old airfield. We are surrounded by building work along with solar panel farm, incinerator there’s more housing in the pipeline, too.

White House Farm and its cottage (stands just out of sight) is all that’s left of the old farm. photo take in spring of 2021

On the way out of the village I took this photo of a discarded broom, I wondered if it was a witch’s crash site, but I never saw or heard anything about it on our village FB page 😂

They say Writing doesn’t pay and all writers should have a second job, but I never imagined that the great crime writer, Ian Rankin had taken up growing vegetables as I found on a packet of Brussels Sprouts 😂

Just some light fun and laughter from me today, as I’m still busy in my garden. I’m hoping to have all the jobs finished soon, so I’m ready to get my head down and work on the Granny Wenlock over the winter months.

Chat again soon.


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed my lighter side posting. Yes, just have one last area to do. I’ve just popped in for a bit to eat. I’ve filled over 15 sacks of garden trimmings. Of course my garden is what you would refer to as a yard, 😊 in our road I’m told it’s a large garden as most just have a small garden. It’s larger enough for me to have an area to grow vegetables have a lawn and flower borders, three apples and a cherry tree but small enough for me to keep in check.

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  1. Oh dear, Paula. Hehe, if the great Ian Rankin (I love his Rebus books) is growing sprouts to supplement his income from writing, what hope is there for the rest of us?:-) Hope the witch who crashed is doing okay.

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    1. Granny Wenlock is fine. She says she upgrading her model to an electric one. It would be very interesting to know exactly what writers earn what. I know I’m not rushing out to spend my £11 earning from Darkstroke. Maybe it’s my own fault but when I’ve spent over £80 promoting free to download weekends and I’m earning so little back it’s heartbreaking and as for earning from pages turned it’s laughable. 😢 I’ve decided to have a good at writing Romances with a dark edge next. Of course, Martha Wenlock may save the day for me. 🤞

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  2. I agree that spending money on promos that don’t work is depressing. It’s great that you’re thinking about romances with a dark edge. As a genre, romance is one of the most popular and highest earning. Glad to know that Granny Wenlock is okay!

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    1. I have a romance sitting on my computer already which I could spice up and add an element of mystery to it. The fact is people read for escapism and the world is pretty dark at the moment so they need something light and bright to read.

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