Excuse me while I scream! I’m all for others believing whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t harm or con others out of money. Desperate people will do desperate things in their darkest hours. But to have someone request friendship with me on Instagram only so they could sell me their business I found annoying.

Hello, how are you? I’m a sangoma and a healer I’ll help you connect with the ancestors interpret dreams diagnose illness through divination with bones I offer positive, growth inspiring:

🌿Tarot Reading, Psychic Readings, Energy work.

I specialize in: Love, dating, relationships, twinflame connections, Spellcasting, win a Court case spell, Fortune telling, Witchcraft, Intuitive abilities

Individual Psychotherapy, Spiritual Mentoring for individuals and those in ministry. communication breakdown, loss of shared interests, sexual incompatibility👥infidelity (extramarital affairs), conflicts about finances, conflicts about children, substance abuse, in-law difficulties, lack of passion, verbal and physical abuse and lots more I’ll help you 👸

Oh dear… magic spells for everything 🤦‍♀️ Well, it’s a shame millions of innocent people died in the 1600s so these modern-day witches could ply their wares. If only such magic could have saved them back in the 16th century. And before anyone jumps in and start burning 🔥 me at the stake. There’s a huge difference between being an herbalist and village healer in the 16th century, and these modern-day crystal hugging so called ‘witches’. To start with in the past people didn’t know any difference as there wasn’t scientific proof for why we fell ill. We didn’t know about viruses, diseases not just for ourselves, but plants and animals too. And as for having control over others it is impossible unless you drug them and take away their self-control. Personally, you’re better off going for Marriage/Personal Counselling than dealing with a crystal hugger.

Why am I so anti-crystals?

To start with, I love planet earth. I love the diversity of this planet. From the mountain tops to the depth of the oceans, and everything in between. What I dislike is the fact that no other creature on this planet collects things other than humans. No other creature tears the planet apart of crystals or semi-precious stone and calls them, Healing Crystals.

Let’s start healing the planet instead. Read here about the destruction all this fake Healing crap is doing to our planet while adding to the loss of habitat for hundreds of plants, birds and animals. This is adding to climate change too. So much for healing crystals. Just look on Facebook marketplace, and you will see tons of healing crystals for sale. I was given one just recently and told this polished stone would help me with stress.

No, a cup of herbal tea would help me far better. Herbal tea is made with plants and doesn’t destroy the planet. Hopefully, people will realise before it’s too late the most precious rock we all have, is the one we are standing on. Let’s leave the healing crystals in the earth and focus on repairing our natural world.

Right, I shall step down off my soapbox, and have a quiet word with Granny Wenlock.

Though I could set myself up in the witchy business and sell a few spells as I have enough books on the subject.

Right, I’m off to make another cup of herbal tea.

Chat again soon.


  1. This right here: “Hopefully, people will realise before it’s too late the most precious rock we all have, is the one we are standing on.” While many crystals are lovely to look at, I’ve never bought into the idea that they have healing powers. Besides, spamming on Instagram is just plain rude.

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  2. I admit it, I like rocks and stones etc. Not for any healing properties or such, but I probably should have been a geologist. Having said that, I had an epiphany about where I was suddenly guilty about my collection and, once I move and unpack, I’m planning on finding the “right” spot to return them to the earth.

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    1. Like you I’ve had a deep fascination for rocks and stones. I love walking along a beach and picking them up. I’ve had some given to me in the past. Over the last fifteen years, I noticed a huge increase in New Age Shops mass selling of these so called healing crystal and started to ask myself where do they come from? I wrote a story about Cobalt Blue. Cobalt is an essential mineral used in recharging batteries, electric cars, computer and phone. The problem is it is only found in certain areas of the planet, mainly Africa in Southern Congo. It’s like the gold rush but only for Cobalt. While we in the West are wanting to have Green Energy and see ourselves as environmentally friendly we are actually destroying the planet. Women and children work in open mines and wash the raw materials which a full of toxic metals and mildly radioactive in the rivers.

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      1. I hear you for sure. I’ll have to read your story sometimes. I don’t have a lot of income for books, but let me know and I can at least add it (if it’s in a collection) to my TBR list. Thanks!

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  3. So sorry you feel this way. There really is a very positive story out there about people meditating and working with crystals and it is scientifically supported! Please check out Crystal Vaults’ site. There are a number of courses that I think you would absolutely love as well as a ton of available information and it is absolutely free. Sincerely, Carol.

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    1. I don’t think you quite understand my point of view my dear friend. You can believe whatever you want about meditation and crystals but the one I know for sure is the demand for them is outstripping the natural resources we need badly to heal the planet. The destruction of the forest, plants and wildlife is to be treasured far more than so called meditating crystals. Another thing is it is all about making money. You can walk along a beach a pickup a stone and have the same power from meditation or even better still sit among the trees in a gentle place with running water to focus on. I checked out the site you suggested, and it just makes me sad to think of the destruction caused by supply and demand in so called healing crystal.


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