Hello there,

Did you miss me?

Oh, you didn’t. Never mind, it wasn’t important whether you did or didn’t. I understand, life is stressful at the moment. Rising prices are putting a strain on us all. It’s hard to see away forward at the moment to find a sense of peace in our busy lives. My hippie heart has returned to me, and now I’m just focusing on what brings me joy. Our lives are fleeting, and everything can change in a blink of an eye.

Anyway, I’ve been away to North Yorkshire for a week, staying with a cousin. It was lovely to have a break. My hard working husband needed some chilling out time, so there was no rush to be any where at any particular time while we were away. And, I just wanted to switch off from thinking about books, writing and housework, too.

The Hole of Horcum is a section of the valley of the Levisham Beck, upstream of Levisham and Lockton, in the Tabular Hills of the North York Moors National Park in northern England.

The North of England was stunning, and far greener than my part of England in the south. Of course, they have had more rain this year, than we have. As we drove up the country we saw the difference as the hedgerows became greener. The moors was covered in purple heather as far as the eye could see. It was wonderful to stand on the moors and see nothing, but a big open sky for miles around. It gives you a sense of freedom.

Having some time away from the keyboard has help me to clear my mind. I was getting into a panic about promoting, and was trying to think of new ways of marketing my books. Whatever way, I chose seemed to cost me more money, which I don’t have.

While in Whitby I went into one of the Goth shops and noticed they had some self-published books for sale. I had a quick chat with the owner and asked if she would be interested in my novel Seeking the Dark which is set in Whitby. I showed her the blurb to the book on my phone, and after reading it she said she would be interested in stocking it. I’m so excited. Her cut from the sales of the books are very reasonable, too. I shall be delivering the copies when we return during the Whitby Goth Festival, along with a poster, some bookmarks and some of my business cards. Hopefully, this might be the first step to something bigger.

A cottage in Goathland, North Yorkshire.

My garden has really suffered this year. I need to spend sometime in it. It’s the vegetable garden that needs a lot of attention as it hasn’t been very productive for a few years now. As the price of food is increasing at an alarming rate I bought some new vegetable seeds while in Yorkshire to grow for next year. I want to get some fresh manure to add to the soil after digging the beds out.

The man at the bottom of my garden spoke to me over the fence. He said he is going to thin out his trees, which will let more light into my garden and improve the growth of my vegetables. I shall be reducing the height of my apple trees too which will help. The apples have been larger this year, and much fewer, too. I hate seeing so much waste. I know the birds, insects and mice will eat the fallen ones, and I have given some away, too. You don’t see many people selling fruit at the side of the road, or outside their houses. While driving around Yorkshire I saw fruit laden plum trees in gardens and hoped to see someone selling them. In the end, we went into a greengrocer’s shop, and bought some which were said to have been grown locally to bring home.

I’m glad to be back at my keyboard. Though, I do have a painting to complete, and a new Goth outfit to make before the end of October. Busy, busy, busy.

Have a great day.

Chat again soon.

(Find a moment in your busy day, and take time out to listen to the birds singing. There’s a joyful one outside my window as I was writing this. 🎵🎵)


  1. Glad to know that you were able to take a break, Paula. I think they are necessary to recharge the batteries. The news about the bookshop taking your books sounds exciting and a marvellous opportunity. Well done!

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    1. Thank you so much, Priscilla. The Hole of Horcum is stunning. Please Google it to see it’s real beauty. I’ve been quite nervous about the The Phoenix Hour. I’m quite curious to find out what the readers make of it. Having you as my first reader is wonderful because I know you will be totally honest with me.

      Liked by 1 person

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