I’m not sure how to start this post. In all honesty, I should be excited at seeing my fifth book launched today, but the excitement is wearing a bit thin now. Don’t get me wrong, I love the writing, and enjoy the pleasure of knowing others are taking the time to read my books, even a reader who leaves only a one star review adds to my enjoyment.

So why the disappointment?

Let me explain. Marketing kills the excitement I feel. Not knowing whether the money I’m investing in promoting my books works, or not.

Do I think my books are worth investing in?

Yes, of course I do, and I’m willing to spend my husband’s hard earned cash to do it, but how do I know whether I’m investing the money wisely. It’s all a gamble whichever way I try.

Today sees the launch of my fifth book. Stone Angels, Seeking the Dark and The Phoenix Hour novels ( the other two books were a novella and a singles collection of short stories) have all been a huge learning curve while I served a writing apprenticeship. I wanted to learn every aspect of writing, from the writing itself, to understanding the publishing process i.e. submitting, rejection, and finally seeing my work in print. Building my confidence was the most important thing for me. On seeing my fifth book published, I finally feel like I’m at the stage where I know what I’m doing at last.

Here’s an interesting review on The Funeral Birds
(Can you spot a mistake the reviewer has made? Though, you’ll only know what it is, if you’ve read the book)

In September, I will start focusing all my thoughts and energy into working on the Granny Wenlock novel. This book will be the start of my real writing career now I’ve mastered the art of writing, experiencing being published, grown a thick skin while dealing with one star reviews, and most importantly learning about marketing. Hopefully, in the not too distant future, I will have a book that sells well enough to start covering the cost of marketing my novels.

Please check out The Phoenix Hour, and thank you for your continuing support.


  1. Marketing, blech! I haven’t heard any author say they like it, so in that respect you’re not alone. Congratulations on the release of The Phoenix Hour! It’s on my Kindle.:-) And good luck with the Granny Wenlock story.

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    1. It’s such a killer. Okay, I get that author should help, but it’s known how to market and where best to market. I will buy hard copies to go with my other books and then I’ll have a good selection of books to sell when I start giving talks on being published etc. I’m still nervous about getting back into meeting people after Covid.

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    1. In three months time it will be available as a paperback. My publisher changed to having the ebook come out three months before the paperback hence I haven’t sold as many. You’re not the only reader who likes paperback over ebooks.

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