I’m sorry to say I’m falling out of love with Mr Facebook. He’s behaving badly towards me, keeps accusing me of things I haven’t done. I tried winning him over by paying for book advertisements as I signed up to his business account, but this hasn’t helped. Okay, so he tells me, I’ve reached over two thousand accounts and have had thirteen clicks on one of my ads. While opening my FB business account, I had to create two new Facebook pages. If I add these to my other social media sites that I have to keep updating it means less time writing my new novel, as I have to come up with interesting posts to keep my followers entertained.

On top of all of this I am finding I’m being accused of spamming and have been thrown into Facebook Jail. The other day, I got very confused after I posted a event notice on my village site under my personal site name, and not my FB author’s page name. A FB notice popped up to say I had been spamming and I’m in Facebook jail for 29 days.

29 days in FB Jail! All I had done was to share an article in my writing group about a writing competition! At first, I got very annoyed. What was Mr FB going on about, that’s what I wanted to know.

I had stopped sharing my nature photos and walking videos across my local village FB sites after receiving a warning from FB about spamming. I’ve reduced the number of promotional Facebook groups I belonged to because many of them were swamped with spammers promoting paid book reviewing services, something Amazon frowns upon deeply. I’ve always been careful about what I share, and when. I don’t like flooding any social media site with news of my books simply because people can become bored of hearing about it. Marketing is all about getting the balance right.

It’s why I love Twitter so much. I can direct my promoting to people asking for books. You are able to locate readers on the site. A simple hashtag can let someone know you have a #newbook. It’s the same on Instagram, but so far I don’t feel the connection to the site as I do with Twitter. Instagram feels like a dating app with the number of “Hi Beautiful” messages I received as soon as I accept a man to my page. I delete them as soon as I received a notification from them.

Have they looked closely at my profile? I don’t think so. Granny Wenlock is too long in the fangs to fall for their charms.

I’ve been busy mastering ‘Canva’.com an online marketing site that allows you to create ads for free. I believe simplicity is the best. Keep it simple and direct and people will get the message.

Here’s a couple of ads I created for my new book The Phoenix Hour.

No sound to this one only because I didn’t realise I could add it.
This one has music


  1. It’s so frustrating how Facebook attacks people who not doing or posting anything wrong but they happily allow fraudsters, hackers, and other disgusting people to do what they like! So, sorry to see they are attacking you, Paula.

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    1. I’m moving more on here. I paid for my blog and can post what I want without fear of being told I’m spamming. It’s tough fighting the real spammers, I can’t see how my nature walks are spam when my friend Steve asked me to post them on his Facebook group. 🤷‍♀️and the villagers who were housebound enjoyed seeing them.

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