After the one star review for Stone Angels what did I find on Goodreads but this lovely review.
Which only serves to remind us that reading is all down to personal taste. I guess reading is like Marmite, either you love it, or you hate it…
Thank you, Sue for putting a smile on my face.

An A+ now that’s really special.

I always wanted an A+ on my school work, but sadly no matter how hard I worked I only managed to get D’s and C’s. My writing journey has been a long one, but at last I’m seeing results. I’m far from been where I want to be, but I’m heading in the right direction. A one star review won’t put me off trying to improve my writing, no more than the D’s and C’s did when I was at school. I can only make sure my next book is better than the last. Of course, it won’t ever stop the one star reviews because books are like a jar of Marmite, not to everyone’s taste.

A one star review is just one reader’s view.


  1. Congratulations on the five-star review, and a good review it is. Meaning that it’s the kind of review that would pique my interest in a book. So often, one-star reviews are themselves only worthy of one star. There is such subjectivity in reading preferences. A friend and I generally enjoy the same authors, but occasionally she’ll come across a novel that she absolutely loves and that I absolutely loathe. Go figure. I guess my point is to take the one-star reviews with a mega-ton container of salt. As a reader, I do 😉

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