My new book is released on 16th August. Can the past save the future…. Time is ticking down

The Phoenix Hour

It’s a literary cross between The Children of Men by P.D. James, and H.G Well’s The Time Machine.

In 2055, humanity is on the brink of extinction after the misuse of an Intellectual Improvement drug.

Doctor Louise Brimstone is facing mounting pressure from Professor Davidson. She must find a way of creating genetically matching babies for the wealthy clientele at Hartley Research Centre of Excellence.

Louise wants to rectify the problem by the use of a time machine hidden in the cellar at the centre, but she is only able to travel back to the year 1900. In the past, Louise soon succumbs to the charms of Sir Charles Aldringham.

Aldringham’s mission to destroy two wealthy families who defrauded him is nearing completion, but first he draws Louise into his depraved blackmailing schemes – leaving her to dispose of the mutilated bodies of young women.

Will Louise discover the means to save the future by harvesting eggs from the past?

Time is ticking, but for whom?

Thank you for your support


  1. Hi Paula. Thank you for the heads up on your new release. I will definitely be purchasing it and reading it as soon as it’s available !! Best of luck to you, my friend. I hope you get a ton of sales!! 🙂

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