Back in March I got in contact with a local magazine called The Edge. It was first established in 1996 and has a readership of about 10k. The magazine is mainly based in the city of Chelmsford, Essex, in England, and covers local news, humour and current affairs along with advertising local businesses. The magazine is available in online via email or in hard copy in and around the city.

I wrote a small article about growing up at Moulsham Mill and sent it in. After exchanging a few emails with the editor about a follow-up I heard no more. After receiving a couple of online copies of the magazine, and not finding my article, yesterday I contacted the editor only to find out it had been published in April. He then sent me a photo of my article and said he would put a copy in the post to me.

After chatting on Whatsapp, he asked about the follow-up article which I sent him. As it was just 500 words it didn’t take long to put together. Though, overall the magazine does call for humorous articles so I don’t think I’m really a suitable writer for The Edge.

I’m just happy to have had one article published in the magazine, and hopefully someone read it and enjoyed learning a bit about the old mill.

Have a great day,

Paula R. C.


    1. Yes. It’s a difficult time for everyone. We have to keep hoping things will get better. Here in England the country is so dry, this is the second month with no real rain where I live. It will put the price of food up further. With the war in Ukraine and Briext changes at the borders, goods lorries are having problems getting in and out of the country. It’s all adding to the problem. All we can keep doing is smiling and being thankful for what we have. I’m so lucky in many ways, and are enjoying good health, too. I hope things are as good as they can be with you, Michael.


  1. That’s wonderful news about your April publication, Paula! I’m very happy for you. How nice it is to see your article in print like that! It looks like they did a rally nice job. Congratulations 🙂

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