I’ve been busy learning about Facebook Business Suite as a means to promote my work. It’s a way of taking control of my books as I don’t need to cut my prices, or do free to download weekend as a means of finding new readers.

Free download weekends hasn’t brought me much in the way of reviews, or pages turned payments. Here’s a link to an article, Does Kindle Unlimited Pay Per Page Pay the Author Fairly? I found it online which explains how an author can earn payments from Kindle Unlimited subscriptions. Though, the article doesn’t say one way or the other that it is fair on the author. Most of the following comments on the article make it clear that it isn’t at all fair.

I have been hunting around for another way to market my books where I’m more in control. As I’m more or less one step up from self-publishing with my novels, as my publisher doesn’t do any marketing apart from Free Download Weekends. Even then it’s down to the authors to promote about their books being available for free at the weekend. To use any of the many promotional sites you have to pay to give your books away for free or at a discount. Once again, the author is losing money after paying out to promote their work.

With the Facebook or Meta business suite, as it is now called, links your Facebook and Instagram accounts together and allows you to monitor both your accounts and see how many people are viewing your posts. Of course, none of this comes for free, and I have to pay out to market my books, but I can set my limit, and it’s much cheaper than the promotional sites without giving your books away.

At the moment, it’s all still new to me. I’m still finding my way around the site, and trying to understand how all the different parts work. Luckily, my good friend Polly J Mordant kindly helped me out with my first ad for my gothic crime novel Stone Angels

Hopefully, it will attract new readers who are happy to pay for an eBook, or paperback. I shall keep you updated to how this new form of promoting goes. So fingers crossed.

Yours as always,

Paula R C.


    1. Thank you so much for dropping by, Marje. It’s all very new but I want to treat my writing as a business. It’s nice to be in control to a certain extent but I haven’t worked out when and where Meta promote your ads. The first advertisement I did was more experimental and it did bring a slight increase in activity on Amazon.


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