I’ve been signed up to the Bridge House Publishing’s newsletter since being published by them in 2010. My first short crime story Rat Trap was included in their Crime Anthology, Crime after Crime. When I first started on my writing journey I was a painful shy person and writing forced me out of my comfort zone to meet liked-minded people. I’ve made such wonderful friends across the world. Many of them I’ve never met, but the wonders of the internet allows such friendships to grow.

Today I received their email newsletter and as I read it I was shocked to discover one of my short stories called The Untrodden Snow on the Cafelit site had over 500 hits.

If you would like to read the story for yourself then click on the link below.


The Untrodden Snow (view to Cressing Church, Essex)

Thank you to everyone who have made my journey possible. To all the new writers who drop by , let me say, don’t give up on your dreams take them to the next level.

Keep on writing.


    1. Thank you so much. It was a big surprise, Priscilla. I wrote the story some time ago as you can see, so I was taken back that people are still reading it. It’s been quite awhile since I wrote any short stories. Hope you are keeping well.

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