The launch of my new book is getting closer. Yesterday morning I received an email from my publisher about my MS. The email was to tell me that the MS has been signed off. I have now forwarded the blurb, acknowledgement and dedication to my publisher so hopefully I will hear The Phoenix Hour my timeslip novel is ready to be launch and have a date to share with you. As the book will only be available as an eBook for the first three month after its launch, I can’t have a physical launch until about September, which is a shame as I sell more paperbacks than eBooks.

As you know I love the natural world. So to help stop the decline of our hedgehogs in Britain due to poisoning and death on our busy roads, as they move from garden to garden, I recently bought two hedgehog houses to place around mine. As you can see I have a good size garden and hedgehogs are regular visitors to it. I’ve often seen their droppings around the garden. After seeing the one my friend had in her garden, I thought it would be good to put two houses in mine as I knew that hedgehogs camped out in my compost heap and I hate disturbing them when preparing the garden for the winter. They are such wonderful creatures and are great little helpers in the garden too, as they munch their way through slugs and snails which do so much damage to young plants.

I’m very careful only to use slug pellets around the plants I want to protect and then I fence these off so the hedgehogs can’t get to the slugs. It would be a shame to lose the hedgehogs from our countryside forever.

These are some babies that arrived in my garden in the autumn of 2014


  1. Thank you for taking care of these amazing animals.I have to confess, even we are here in the ruraliest rurality hedgehogs were not seen again, over the last three years. Maybe we should invite some from the UK, but they have to learn German first. Lol Best wishes, Michael

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  2. Good luck with your new book, Paula, I’ll be waiting to hear when it is released. Hope your hedgehog houses get some new tenants in the near future! We’ve got a hedgie house in our garden but not sure if it’s being used.

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