My husband and I went into our local town. In one of the charity shops, I found an amazing vase. It was made by a potter called De Rivaz, from Bishops Stortford. The figure on the side of the vase reminded me of Granny Wenlock.

I know English witches weren’t burnt at the stake, and this figure appears to be tied to a tree or post. I thought it was amazing to come across such a piece that fitted in with my Granny Wenlock character in the charity shop. My husband said, if I liked it, we would buy it. To our delight we found it had been reduced in price too.

The vase now sits in my fireplace with dry flowers in it. I’ve been thinking about the storyline over the weekend, but haven’t done much writing because a lot has been going on. As you all know it was our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this weekend so our village held a Party in the Park to celebrate her wonderful service to our country.

Queen Elizabeth II

Bye for now, I shall be back soon.


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