In three weeks time hopefully the edits on my latest book The Phoenix Hour will be finished, and I will begin working on the edits for my second book being published this year. My publisher at Darkstroke has sent me a mock-up of The Phoenix Hour book cover. I’m pleased with how it looks and I’m hoping it will appeal to the readers of Sci-fi and time-slip novels.

It was very difficult to decide what would be the right kind of cover to put on the book as this is the first contact the reader has with it. It’s like window shopping, you need to entice the reader in. The first selections I sent to my publisher, he rejected because there wasn’t enough space around the image to add writing .i.e. title, tagline and my name etc. I was hunting for a picture, I felt would best express the story line of the novel, but unfortunately none were suitable.

I had another look at the selection of pictures on the site my publisher sent me to, and decided to think outside of the box and made a different type of selection where writing could be easily added. The four new pictures I selected looked more like steampunk picture frames of brass and metal. When I wrote The Phoenix Hour, I wanted to write a steampunk tale with female lead characters so the style does suit my novel.

I know many years ago when I first wrote the book, I was told by an agent ‘No woman would want to read this book.’ So it will be interesting to see whether women or people who recognise themselves as females enjoy reading The Phoenix Hour. As a writer I’m careful and very much aware in this day and age, everything needs to be unisex or non-sexed. Diversity is the key and my writing must reflect the changes in society, but I find this to be a minefield in itself. I can’t picture writing a character, with serious health issues, riding a horse in a battle scene in a fantasy novel, though I suppose you could write a character with breathing issues in a sci-fi novel encased in oxygen suit floating in space.

For me, I want my writing to flow and be as natural as possible as I sweep my reader, whoever they may be, along in the tales I’m telling. I’m sure they are plenty of writers with health and disabilities who are able to write with their point of view in mind. I shall continue tackling mental issues within my novels rather than the physical problems which I haven’t experienced myself.

Anyway, on a lighter note, I have been doing a lot of walking to keep my mind and body in good order. I have been creating some short slideshows. Here’s my latest.

Have a wonderful weekend. I shall be back soon once the edits have been completed.

Best wishes all.


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