I’m starting to get excited. I’ve finished the second lots of edits on my new novel, The Phoenix Hour. Dean of Demain Publishing has been in contact to let me know that he will be back in contact with me at the beginning of June to work with me on my new Gothic Ghost novella.

I’ve been out walking every day for my health and well-being. Since the lockdowns I have gained weight, but I’m trying hard not to get hung up by it, the most important thing is to keep fit and healthy both in mind and body.

Walking every day has given me the opportunity to photograph scene for new painting too. I’ve just completed another picture.

Cressing Church Essex.

I might have a go at watercolours next or even diluting the acrylic to a wash. I have one or two ideas to what I might paint next.

Here’s a couple of photos I took this week.

I will of course add a bit more details into the pictures but we will see how it goes. I’m still working out the next Granny Wenlock novel. I’m definitely starting it from Granny’s point of view, I’m sure it’s the right place to start it.
This weekend my village is having a Garage Sale and I shall be promoting my work. Hopefully, I shall gain more readers.

Chat again soon.

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