Still stuck in limbo. I’m waiting on the return of my second half of my new novel. At the moment, I can’t focus on anything new as far as writing is concerned.

The horror of what is happening in Ukraine has put me off writing horror stories. The reality of the destruction of innocent people who wanted peace is so horrific to me. A man left his wife and three month old baby daughter to see if he could find food only to return to find their apartment on fire after another missile attack. War isn’t just about bombing a country but the rape and murder of its people. Russian soldiers have committed terrible crimes too.

The thing that shocks me the most about it all is I feel we have stepped back in time. The fact that Putin has become so powerful that he can blackout the news and media coverage of what he is doing in his country and run his country in the same way as North Korea does. I guess the people around him are too frightened to speak out. At least I hope that is the case.

Has history taught us nothing?

I find myself thinking about George Orwell’s book, Nineteen Eight-Four. Big Brother is still alive and kick.

Peace is such a precious thing. I guess we’ve all taken it for granted. The freedom Europe fought hard fought during the Second World War is being eroded by Putin. Is he so scared of losing control of his wealth and power that he is willing to set his country and his people back to the Cold War era. Are the young Russians so willing to return to the era of the Iron Curtain and be cut off from the rest of the world, I hope not.

If we all thought Covid, the unseen killer of Millions, across the world was a terrible thing and we were quick to put a stop to its spread and work together to find answers. Then we need to act quickly to stop the spread of this hatred.

I don’t know the answers. I can only hope the world leaders across Europe are stronger enough in character and heart to make sure they can resolve this awful situation quickly. If history is about to repeat itself then Putin might spread his evil further by entering Poland if he does then we will see this war escalate.

I keep having vivid dreams about trying to escape, or I’m trying to help others to escape. In my dreams last night I was trying to build a safe haven, and stock what was needed I wake up feeling mentally tired as well as being physically exhausted. I’ve been trying not to watch the news, but this leaves me feeling like I just don’t care.

I know we are all trapped in a dark tunnel with the increasing price of food and fuel across the world. There will always be winners and losers and it will be the poorest of is who suffer the most. I hope compassion survive and good people step forward to fight in the name of freedom, honesty and peace however they can. Good will over come evil in the end.

Yesterday, I went for a walk to our local bluebell woods. It was so peaceful with just the sound of the birds, in the distance the hum of traffic and planes overhead. I hope peace returns to the Ukraine and its people can start rebuilding their lives soon.
Please enjoy this walk with me.

In Tarecroft Woods


  1. It hurts my heart, too. Thank you for sharing your walk with us. You might try freewriting. Sometimes that helps me through difficult times by vomiting my thoughts on the page (pen and paper), and my brain feels more organized afterwards. Then I can get back to writing fiction.

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  2. Jill and I once went to the Ukraine and found the people so friendly and welcoming sothe war is so ghastly. But then I have friends in Moscow from the time my school ran exchanges with Phiysics and Drama students. It hardly seems possible that the Russians fighting today are the same nation. Roger D,


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