I have to put my hand up and admit I’ve been having a tough time with my writing. After being totally obsessed with writing for so long it’s wore me down. This doesn’t mean I’m giving up, just slowing down and not pushing myself so hard.

In truth, I’ve been disappointed with what I have achieved so far with my books. As I don’t have a regular income, I can’t afford to invest money into marketing which just leaves me with Facebook and Twitter as a means of free publicity. This isn’t ideal as Facebook is awash with authors all chasing the same readers. I find Twitter more rewarding but again it is difficult to know whether you have reach your target audience or not. At least with Twitter there are readers asking for book recommendations to whom you could suggest your books.

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At the moment, I’m waiting to receive the second half of my novel, The Phoenix Hour edits back from my publisher’s editor so I’m in limbo. I was hoping to have my latest novel done and dusted by now so that my mind was clear to focus on my Granny Wenlock series.

I’ve been stuck on the sixth chapter of the Granny Wenlock novel because it wasn’t exciting me enough to find out what happens next. If I’m not excited by it then my readers won’t be. I have the plot line mapped out in my head, but I kept hitting quite a few stumbling blocks. The main one being how Granny contacts Dave.

Yesterday, I started rearranging the plot in an effort to kick start my thought process. I felt I had created a barrier in my mind because I was stuck on The Funeral Birds plot line. I had the same problem with Roofscapes when I was trying to turn my winning short story into a novel. It took me two years to realise I needed to come at the novel from a totally different angle and that was when Stone Angels was born.

Witch on a broomstick by The British Library is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

I’ve decided to come at the problem from Granny Wenlock’s POV. Tell her personal story. What makes her tick, how did she become Granny Wenlock. Last night, I went to sleep thinking about the new plot and when I woke up I was saying these words: – The Witch Must Die! Were the last words I heard on this earth. Beauty is a dangerous thing when a man doesn’t get what he wants.

Now I have my opening I’m excited.


  1. You’re not alone, Paula. Like you I cannot afford to invest money into marketing which just leaves me with Facebook as a means of free publicity. Not ideal, but needs must the devil drives. For the same reason I do everything my self, design book cover, format, edit, self publish. It’s hard, and with more and more competition (self publishing is now so easy, but because it is easy the competition just gets bigger and bigger). Sales back in 2012, 2013, and the beginning of 2014 were good, encouraging. But since then they have steadily declined, and are now virtually zero. In an attempt to increase sales I have been able to get approximately 35 translations via Babelcube; and 20 audiobooks via ACX.com. Sales have increased a little, but not significantly. I have now written 15 books, and currently working on number 16, but dreaming up plots is getting more and more difficult, but we keep trying.

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    1. Thank you so much. I think it’s all about writing the right book at the right time. I’m not going to burn myself out writing this new book. I want to research the book and develop the storyline rather than rush the writing.


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