It’s an odd time for me at the moment. I haven’t been on the internet much as I’m in between doing things. I finished my last painting and started a couple of much smaller one. My mind wasn’t really on painting as I didn’t want to start anything major because I was told by my publisher that he had sent my novel The Phoenix Hour out to another editor. So I’ve been waiting for its return.

I’ve been busy rethinking my new Granny Wenlock novel as I’m not sure in which direction I want to take it. I’m trying hard not to keep writing the same book over and over again. While I’ve been busy painting I’ve listened to a lot of audio books. I started with the Agatha Raisin collection by M.C. Beaton, then worked my way through Simon Brett’s Fethering collection before moving onto Ruth Rendell, Agatha Christie and Colin Dexter.

After awhile you begin to recognise the writing style of each writer especially when they are writing a series. I began to hear their familiar phrases, not just something a character’s said like a catch phrase, but the way the author described something. Also I found you began to work out the plot and what characters are likely to have committed the crime. I’m not saying the books are less enjoyable because of it. The books were very entertaining and I was disappointed when I had finished the collections.

I’ve been getting back into walking, too. After four years of owning my new camera I finally took time out to read the manual so now I find it far more enjoyable to use. Yesterday, it was a very misty morning as we set out to walk to one of the local churches. The churchyard was carpeted in the most beautiful collection of flowers, daffodils, primroses, and forget-me-nots.

Cressing Church

On Thursday we are expecting snow as the temperature has dropped after some lovely warm days. I have vegetables I’ve grown from seed in my cold frame so I’m hoping they will survive this sudden drop in temperature. I have several new projects I want to do in the garden this year as well as growing my own vegetables.

It’s my writing group tomorrow so I’m hopefully my friends inspire me to get writing again. I’ve a little downhearted with writing as I’m finding it hard to market my books. I don’t have the money to pay for big promotions through all the different sites available online. I didn’t realise how costly writing can be and how time consuming the different stages of novel writing was for so little return. I’ve decided to write much shorter books in the future.

Chat again soon.

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  1. I’m agog at the beauty of the church graveyard. Thanks for sharing the photo. Maybe some day you’ll sell a book to a Big House publisher, and you’ll get a bigger return on your time invested.


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