At last I’ve finished my painting of the bluebell wood. I have filled the wood with plants and animals I’ve seen. I used photos I have taken and the figures are inspired by a Victorian painting called the ‘primroses.’
It’s illegal to pick or dig up bluebells in Britain as they are protected species. Bluebells leaves are delicate and if crushed they don’t survive. Spanish Bluebells have escaped from garden and are putting English bluebells at risk. English bluebells wood took hundred of years to be come established with its diverse plants, insects and wildlife.

Now I must focus on my writing. I have two coming out this year. one in June, not sure as yet the second one.

Have a wonderful day. Catch up with you again soon.


  1. I love your painting, Paula. I especially like the use of shadow in the right side against the sunlight in the center and left, giving it depth. I like how the land falls away on the left side, too, giving the scene some energy. Of course, the two kids are charming. You are a very talented artist. Thanks so much for sharing your work!!


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