Yesterday and this morning the garden called to me. The brightness of the sun and the warmth in the air give me the incentive to go and tidy up the garden. First of all, I thought I would just fill some pots to put on the window ledges in the kitchen and my art studio to sow some seeds in. I’ve planted tomatoes, butternuts, pumpkins and some beans to start of indoors. My greenhouse is full of plants that couldn’t be left outside over winter so I can’t get in there just yet.

The garden looks so much better since I’ve cut the lawns as the grass was getting quite long after all the rain we’ve had. The first cut of the year never leaves the lawns looking good but still it was lovely to be out in the garden especially with he first signs of Spring and the birds were singing brightly.
Of course, Brutus was keeping me company. When I got the ladder out of the shed to get a plastic bag out of a tree after the strong winds had put it there, he disappeared into the shed.
It was a good job I spotted him over why he might have been locked it. The shed is full of Russell’s car boot stuff. I can only get into the first part where my lawn mower is kept along with my garden tools.

I’ve dug over the vegetables plots and trimming back the dead plants and pulled up a few weeds. I’m a lazy gardener and just leave the garden to do its own things while I keep it in check.

Back to my painting this afternoon. It’s going well. My novel Seeking the Dark has crept back up the chart. I just wish it would go up to the top of the chat 🙏😂

Bye for now, chat to you soon,

Paula R C


  1. You’re such a busy bee, Paula, and all your hard work will pay off in the form of a lovely garden in summer. Wish I had your energy. It looks like your book sales are taking off too!

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