Glad I’m not in a rush to finish editing today! Okay, so I wanted it finished yesterday, but I’ve just hit another section that needed a bit more thought and rewriting. It’s too easy to just skim over something thinking that your reader will get the point you’re trying to make. Where in reality, you’ve left half the scene in your head, and they may not understand fully what’s going on.
I’m so glad that I stopped, and took a second look. On re-reading the scene, I felt it was somewhat lacking. I tried to imagine how it would sound to my reader.

Did it sound rushed, unimportant or just padding out?

Hey, I know I’m writing fiction, but still I need to keep it realistic. I know I’m not writing a manual for time-traveling, nor am I writing a medical book, but it is important for me to remember I need to keep my readers onboard. Readers are a lot smarter than us writers might think. Yes, they know we’re suspending reality for the length of our books, but by adding a bit more realistic details to a scene it helps to keep our reader’s mind on what’s happening in our fictional world. After all, we don’t want them losing interest in our plotline, and not turning the next page.

As I rush towards the end of my editing, I felt I needed to check out a few facts. My doctor has a poor victim laying on a stretcher. Hmm, that word so didn’t work in my scene. In my mind, a stretcher is carried by two people, so I changed it to the word gurney. This is a much better word as a gurney is used in a hospital to move patients around, and can be moved by one person. As my doctor is on her own while getting up to mischief, it works far better. Then I had a scene where the doctor was going to perform a procedure on the victim. I just wrote the scene as though the operation had just happened. There wasn’t any detail and it was all tell and no show.

Once again, I rewrote the scene and carefully thought about what was happening in it. Just by adding a few more words to the scene, and checking a few medical terms the scene became more powerful and hard hitting. Yes, I may not get any further forward today in my editing, but I have improved the plotline. I’ve always wanted my books to be the best, I can make them. I’m sure that readers will always find faults with our novels, as us writers don’t always see what’s before us because we’re too close to our work. I will always try my very best to spot any faults before my work is published.

Fingers crossed, I’ve caught all my inconsistencies, typos etc. I will of course read through it just one more time.

Chat again soon.


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