I always used to think… What is the point of promoting on the internet, no one is going to buy my books, let alone find it among the thousands of other books. Then I had a light bulb moment, when I suddenly found on Twitter readers asking for people to list books they had just finished reading. These readers also asked authors to leave links to their books. The different types of readers were asking for romance, horror, crime, etc writers to leave their links. These readers were looking for new ideas on what to read next. And, with any luck, they might select mine.

That was when I had my Twitter light bulb moment. I realised why Twitter was a more productive place to hang around looking for places where I could leave my book links. With Twitter, you have a better chance of meeting readers of your genre than you do on Face book. Yes, I do market my books on certain Facebook promotional groups, but I’m sceptical about them really leading to any book sales. These sites are awash with writers promoting their books to other authors. I’ve yet to find Stephen King, Ian Rankin, J. K. Rawlings or any other top-named author advertising or promoting their books in a FB Promotional Groups. Yes, it is easy for us lower league writers or authors to say ‘Oh yes, but they have an army of marketeers and a huge budget behind them.’ You might be right, but their publishers, agents or marketing team aren’t in these groups, promoting their books for them either.

I’ve fallen in love with Twitter, and use Instagram for making short promotional videos for my books. These videos are easy to share across the internet while promoting your work. In my Facebook writing group I’ve set up a retweeting page because I feel Twitter is a great place to help promote not only my work, but my writing group members’ books too. It is so easy to share other’s tweets while tweeting your own. It’s just a case of getting the hashtags right too. Promoting and marketing isn’t just about promoting and marketing your own work, it’s about helping others too. My mother used to moan that she never got many cards at Christmas when she saw the strings of cards I had received in my home.

I said, ‘how many cards to you give out?’

‘Oh, a few, just to my family.’

‘Maybe,’ I said, ‘if you gave out a few more cards to your friends, you might get a few more back.’

I agree, it shouldn’t be about expecting something in return. I don’t expect readers to buy my books, but if I don’t put in the effort in the first place, then I can’t expect to receive anything back at all. The saying, it’s all about give and take is true. We all find marketing tough. Standing on a street corner shouting in a gale force wind, ‘Come, buy my book!’ only results in us getting a sore throat while annoying others. And, it can seem pretty pointless, too. With retweeting, its about helping others while getting your name out there, and possibly finding a few readers along the way, too. But, we won’t know unless we give it a try.

I’m off to do more editing. Christmas is just around the corner now. Thank you for all your support and encouragement throughout 2021. Wishing you all the very best for 2022.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement throughout 2021


  1. Great post, Paula, and thank you for sharing you thoughts and experience with Twitter and Instagram. I feel that will soon be my next new endeavor! Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday season 🙂

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