Today my husband and I traveled up to the North of England to Whitby, North Yorkshire. We are so pleased to be able to return to the part of England we love best. It’s been two years since we were last here and it was wonderful to be back in our second home. Anne made us feel so welcome.

Today, we arrived at the B&B at one o’clock and then went into Whitby town centre to look around. While there we went into the spa centre where the goth stores were being set up for selling everything a goth would want, from cakes to clothes. As we wandered around we wore our masks, and mine has a cover of one of my books on it. One of the stall-holders studied me with interest.

‘Is that a book cover on your mask?’ she asked.

I handed her my business card.

‘Oh you’re the author!’

‘Yes, Stone Angels is about a serial killer who’s an artist…’

‘Yes, I know I’ve already have the book on my kindle. I thought I recognised it.’’

I was so taken back I didn’t know quite what to say, so l said, ”when you’ve read it please leave a review.’

I’m so glad I was wearing my mask


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