It’s hard to feel positive about your writing every day. Today, I’m not so confident about mine. A hundred nagging doubts are racing through my head. Am I writing the right sort of books that the modern reader is looking for?

Is being a novelist the right way forward for me? Or should I just focus on writing short stories?

I’ve been looking at the covers on the sort of books I’m writing, and I’m not sure whether my style of writing fits in with the modern pop-culture. I know reading is down to personal taste. I guess it’s like coffee, most people like it instant, rather than waiting for it to percolate, to bring out the rich flavour. They don’t want a story that develops and grows as the tension builds, but more instant satisfaction. After reading some of the reviews on these types of books, I’ve reach the conclusion that most Vampire book readers of today are looking for a certain type of book.

The modern reader of vampire books are seeking a more highly-gloss sexualised creature, and not the old style gothic blood-sucking ones that hung around graveyards while hunting in the darkness. Modern vampire book covers are far more glossy, almost fairy-tale in appearance, and are about a power struggle between sex and violence. They are very sexualised creatures too, with pouty blood-red lips, and bare-chested moody men with alluring eyes. The women are almost warrior-like too as instead of being a victim, they are now the hunter or vampire lover. I’m guessing vampires have become more of a romantic figure, a prince, or princess charming, with teeth. Though I could never imagine Count Dracula ever being seen as a lustful romantic character.

I feel like I’m out of my comfort zone, and I not sure whether I could write such violent books, especially anything overly violent towards women. Maybe being brought up in the era of Hammer House of Horror Films, where everything was far more tame in comparison has left me feeling out of my depth.

I want to believe there is a market for my kind of writing, but a quick search on Amazon and my free-download weekend has left me feeling unsure whether it’s what most readers are looking for these days.

Yesterday, I received a copy of the Journey Anthology put together by Elaine Marie Carnegie-Padgell. All the writers that have appeared on her, Writers Journey Blog were invited to sent in a short story or poetry with the theme, Journey. I’m very pleased that my story Journey Of the Heart was accepted. It is one of my favourite stories I wrote. It started life for another competition and had to be set in Japan. I wrote the opening for the story but couldn’t finish it. It sat for a long time on my computer incomplete. Then I need a story for a submission and found new ideas came to me. It was published online by Cafelit, but never made it into their printed collection.


  1. Sorry you’re feeling less positive today, Paula. Every writer has days like that, I know I do. I think there’s room for all sorts of writing, so don’t feel compelled to change your style. You’re doing great with your many publications!

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  2. I think it’s perfectly fine to be a Gothic, non-glossy writer. My guess is it’s the theme that makes a story a contemporary block buster, and the details (a sexy female warrior vampire vs a shadowed Count) that speak to the particular audience.

    A big congratulations on the publication of “Journey of the Heart”! (And congrats to the other authors in the anthology, too!)

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