What a crazy weekend! Over the last few days I’ve been so focused on promoting my novel over the internet so I wasn’t able to concentrate on my editing. Saturday and Sunday was taken up with promoting Seeking The Dark across a large number of Facebook groups, Instagram and Twitter, while doing a hundred and one other things us women have to fit into a day.

UK Amazon seemed late waking up on Saturday, and I felt they had change their way of working too. Last year when Stone Angels was available for Free over a weekend, I was able to watch the book climb the chart, where this time you couldn’t follow the changes. Anyway, it was fun seeing my first novel on Amazon in the number one position both in the UK & USA free chart over the weekend. It will be sad to see when it starts tumbling out of the charts by the end of the week. Seeking the Dark made it into quite a few different categories. First these are the UK 🇬🇧 ones it appeared in.

  • No 1: Vampire Suspense
  • No 1: Mystery Action Fiction
  • No 1: Horror Suspense
  • No 2 : Paranormal Suspense
  • No 2 : British Horror
  • No 3 : Suspense Action Fiction
  • No 11: Suspense Thriller
  • No 12: Suspense
  • No 39: Crime Thriller & Mystery

In the USA, 🇺🇸 it appeared in these categories.

  • No 1: Vampire Suspense
  • No 1: British Horror
  • No 2: Paranormal Suspense
  • No 7: Horror
  • No 15: Suspense

I used the services of two marketing companies over the two days, both of which I’ve used before. Book Cave and Fussy Librarian. The end result was I gave away 1,091 copies of Seeking the Dark.

Looking on Goodreads this morning, I found six readers now have it on their to-read list. Three were added on Saturday, but I’m not expecting any reviews from them any time soon as they all have a large number of books on their to-read list. One reader downloaded over twenty books on Saturday and more on Sunday.

Watch this space to find out whether I’ve made the right choice in giving my book away for free and if Free-downloads are a positive marketing tool or not. 🤷‍♀️

Keep on Writing.


    1. I know we’ve had this conversation before about Goodreads and the number of books readers have on their to-read lists, but one reader has on her’s 44,149 at the weekend she added 60 more books including Seeking the Dark. 🤦‍♀️

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