The pandemic brought around a lot of changes for us all. It was as though the old way of doing things had suddenly without warning made way for the new. One of the biggest changes which had been hovering on the horizon for quite a while was online shopping. Now most people buy and sell this way.

Amazon is one of the biggest online bookseller and most authors will, of course, have an online author’s page with them, but now there’s a new player in town. Online bookshops. This is a site which allows readers to access and support independent bookshops across the country by shopping on this new website

During the first wave of Covid-19 many people ‘rediscovered the pleasure of reading’ and sales of books soared as we were all forced to stay at home. Reading gave us the opportunity to escape into a safer world were the reader was in control. Despite a huge surge in reading lots of independent bookshops, like so many other small businesses, struggled to stay afloat during these difficult times.

That’s when stepped in to bridge the gap and throw a lifeline to independent bookshops. So if you would like to still keep your online shopping experience as easy and convenient as it would be with a huge retailer like Amazon but want to help small independent bookshops check out the link.

My single collection of short dark tales is available to buy through The Bridge Town Cafe Books Shop

If you would like to find out more about the stories in this collection, please read this review of Days Pass Like A Shadow here.

Thank you,

Have a great weekend and keep safe.


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