Life does not come to us in lifetimes, comes only a day at a time.

Yesterday morning while out walking I collected up all the Silver End Garage Sale signs my husband and I had put up to let people know they had arrived in our village for the weekend event I had organised. Before the pandemic hit us we had organised one before. From that experience we learnt from the feedback we had received where our weaknesses were to help us improve things for the visitors to our village. one of the things we learnt was some people didn’t know they had arrived in Silver End as the main road takes you in and out of the village before you realise it. One gentleman said, there wasn’t any signs in the village to let visitors know the garage sale was on, so we posted a few at all the main routes into the village. The trouble is, in today’s world, we rely too much on the internet without realising there’s also needs to be a physical presence in the real world too. Also not everyone has an internet connection, or even uses it.

After my husband had set up all the tables on our drive, we put up a banner saying Garage Sale Here. I then tacked a map and the addresses of the other sellers in the village to our fence. Once I had put the map up I had a brainstorm that I needed a poster advertising my books were available here too. I dashed upstairs to quickly make one. I used a programme template on my computer which came together easily. It surprised me as it normally takes ages to get things looking so good.

Soon my family and our neighbours, from across the road, join us and quickly set up their stalls. It all became rather busy as the buyers started arriving too. I’m very pleased with how well my book promoting went as I got to speak to such lovely readers, especially Sarah G, who came with her husband to meet me.

Sarah G

Sarah told me she had been following my writing journey online, and wanted to meet me in person. It took my breath away and I had to choke back tears. That wasn’t something I was expecting to happen to me. The reaction I’ve had to my writing has been amazing and still shocks me. One lady, Mandy B told me she has read all my books and enjoyed Seeking the Dark best of all. “I’m sorry but I borrowed it from the library and didn’t buy it.” she said.

“That’s okay,” I reassured her, “I’ll still receive a payment every time someone borrows one of my book from the library. It isn’t a lot, but it’s a payment. So I’m very pleased.”

Mandy then asked me if there’s going to be a sequel to Seeking the Dark. I had to explain that I did have part of a follow-on sitting on my computer, but I was busy working on two other books at the moment. It’s a project for the future. Seeking the Dark is very much a standalone novel that does have the feel that there could be a follow-on.

In total, I sold ten books. It was five more than last time. The next village garage sale is in May 2022 so hopefully by then I will have add another book to my collection, and have a few more buyers dropping by, too. It’s amazing to meet the readers and hear in person how much they have enjoyed reading your work.

One very happy writer,


    1. Thank you so much, Priscilla. It was a wonderful day and it lifted my spirits too. It much better meeting your readers face to face and chatting with them. The personal touch is the best. I know you and I haven’t met but we have chatted via email which is lovely.

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  1. Well done Paula. I had a “street sale” the other day when a neighbour asked if I was that lady in the local paper and bought one of my books!

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