“Life isn’t a straight forward journey, my son, with simple stops along the way. Life is a cobweb of possibilities and mishaps.”  
Taken from my short story Journey of the Heart  First published online by CafeLit. 23rd March 2018
North Yorkshire Moors

This year my submission output has been low. I’ve been busy working on the next Granny Wenlock novel and editing a new dark novella called Never Reaching The End and, of course, life tends to step in the way when you least expect it too.

The pandemic gave me plenty of time to write, but the call of the garden and house also needed my attention, and my husband too. I’m lucky to not have young children, and to have retired from full-time work, but somehow this hasn’t given me any more free time.

On Thursday I received an email from Elaine Carnegie of Writer’s Journey Blog. I had appeared on her blog in February ( Click Link Here ) Elaine was emailing everyone who had appeared on her blog to participate in an anthology to be call Journeys. I had a story which had only ever been published online which I felt would fit the bill perfectly. Journey of the Heart was published online by CafeLit but never made it into a hard copy. I had hoped to publish it in my single collection Days Pass Like A Shadow, but it didn’t fit in with the theme, much to my disappointment. Elaine’s submission call-out seemed an ideal place for it, so I spent some time editing and expanding the storyline.

I’m so pleased to say that Elaine has accepted Journey Of The Heart. It’s brightened my day. As it is a Charity anthology all the royalties will be going to Doctors Without Borders. In these days of the pandemic, it’s a wonderful choice and I hope it sells well.

I shall let you know when the book is available. Elaine states in her email she hopes to have it published by1st December.

Have a great weekend.


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