There's no situation in Life so bad that it can't be mended. 
by C. Dickens
One of my son and new daughter-in-law wedding photos.

After a busy weekend when my husband and I saw our son marry his beautiful fiancée at the 14th century Rose and Crown Hotel, Colchester, we’re having a quiet week pottering around the house.

Today, we went to pick up some bookmarks I had made by a local printer, Michael Oxley. I had tried to make them myself, but the standard wasn’t good enough for what I wanted. Using the designs I had created on Book Brush Michael was able to print high-quality bookmarks for an amazing price.

My bookmarks

When our local librarian came to collect a few of my bookmarks, she told me that one of my books has already been borrowed from the library, which is pretty amazing. My son insisted that I took along a few of my book business cards to hand out at his wedding. I said but it’s your special day and it wouldn’t feel right for me to promote my books. My son said, but I’m so proud of you, mum and the other services we’ve used will be promoting themselves on the day anyway, so why not you.

I waited until more or less the end of the day before handing out my cards. I’m glad I plucked up the courage because when I got chatting to the photographer, Star, it turned out that her full-time job is an English teacher at a secondary school. She asked me, if my books were age-appropriate and I explained that I felt my writing was akin to Victorian Gothic tales and ghost stories, but I felt she would need to read Stone Angels for herself. I explained that I didn’t use over the top graphic violence or blood and gore. Star said she liked the sound of Stone Angels and wanted to use the book and my background story in one of her lesson as an inspiration for her students.

I was blown away by the thought my work was going to be used as a teaching aid to inspire young people to read and write. I felt my work had moved up to another level, which I hadn’t imagined or planned for when I set out on this writing journey.

Photo by KoolShooters on

The only downside to this week has been the discovery that old age has finally caught up with me. After a trip to the doctor’s to check out a health issue which as arose over the last two weeks, I’ve been told in three weeks time I will receive a letter from the hospital to assess my situation and determine the best treatment for me. Though the problem isn’t a big issue and lots of women and men suffer in different degrees with the same problem, it marks a turning point in my life, and the slippery slope to decline in our bodies. I’ve never been into hospital, apart from having my son. The thought of going under the knife scares me, so I’m trying not to think about it and focus on my writing. I was very upset to have my fears confirmed by the doctor. I sobbed, saying I had always tried to keep fit, eat healthy etc. My lovely doctor explained it wasn’t anything, I did or didn’t do it was just the simple fact that parts of us wear out with old age.

After finding myself in a dark place for a few days, I’ve decided I can’t change anything so I must stay focused on the positive and keep moving forward. Back to working on Granny Wenlock’s books and enjoying my life.

Be Positive


  1. Hi Paula, thanks for sharing your sons wedding with us and your amazing stories in your well written books, sorry to hear of your health issue Paula I hope the doctor can help and you make a full recovery ♥

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    1. Thank you. I’m okay. Just a bit of a shock coming at such a happy moment too. The lovely doctor says it can be easily fixed, so I’ll take her word for it. Just one of those things as we aged. Ana and I will still be walking as long as we can.


  2. A big congratulations to your son and his new wife! Pretty darn cool about the school teacher.:-) I think that because you try to take of yourself that you will pop back from the surgery faster than you or your doctor expects!

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    1. Bless you, Priscilla. Thank you. It was a wonderful day for the wedding party. At the moment it is a case of waiting to see what the scan delivers after my first appointment. Hopefully the first treatment works well enough that the knife won’t be needed 🙏

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    1. Thank you so much, Jim. It’s been quite a shock as I’ve been very lucky health wise. I think it just the fact that we all reach a point in our lives when we step into the next chapter. When we are young it tends to be positive things like being able to drive, smoke (not so positive) and drink etc As we age not so positive things happen. My body is suffering a little wear and tear, Jim. I will know in three weeks just what can be done.

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      1. I along with many others will be waiting anxiously for your update in 3 weeks, Paula. You will continue to be in my prayers and thoughts, my friend. Hang in there 🙂


  3. Congratulations to your son and his new wife and I wish them all the best for the future. What a lovely gesture to insist that you publicise your books at the wedding, and what a wonderful result, Paula! Sorry to hear about your health problems; The best any of us can do is to look after the bodies we’ve been given so that they last as long as possible, and by the sound of things that’s exactly what you’re doing. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

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    1. Thank you so much, Robin. It was a wonderful day after he has suffered such a heartache four years ago. He’s so happy now and that’s all I ever wanted for him. Once I’ve have my hospital appointment I will know the full extent of the treatment I need. So I’m trying not to panic. Have a wonderful day.

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