Our walk on Monday took us to the Polish Camp. It was a mist start and the dew was heavy. Our trousers legs and boots soon became soaked through. We edged the old airfield and joined the track leading to street cleaning depot. We left the track joined the footpath that took us pass the Polish Camp, around Storey’s Wood and back towards Park Gate Farm. After crossing over Church Road we followed the footpath through avenue of trees at the front of Rivenhall Place before turning right and coming out at the horse fields on Western Lane. The round trip took 110 minutes and about 4 miles. (6.437 Kilometres)

Yarrow and Vervain

Vervain: with its tiny blue flowers is easily overlooked. It’s a plant full of myths and legends. It once grew on the green hill at Calvary where according to legend it was used to staunch Christ’s blood at the crucifixion.  The plant was once believed to ward off the plague too. Romans used it as an altar plant during sacrifices while the Druids used it while casting magic spells.

Greater Burdock

Greater Burdock: this plant has been of great importance to herbalists. Its leaves were used to wrap wounds. Burns were soothed using the biggest and softest leaves. Even today the plant is used for treating skin conditions, arthritis and infections. Of course everyone has heard of dandelion and burdock. It’s regarded as a tonic kidney and liver but only if you drink the natural version and not the fizzy commercial drink.

Ribwort Plantain

Ribwort Plantain: this ancient plant dates back thousands of years. Its pollen has been preserved in peat and lake sediment. The old name for ribwort is kemps which derived from the Anglo-Saxon name Cempa meaning ‘warrior’

I hope you enjoy taking this walk with me.  


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