Sometimes the reality of a long held dream isn’t quite what we imagine. In today’s world where we can all dream the impossible we forget about the little details. I, along with thousands of others with the same dream, to see our work in print have forgotten about the small details of marketing our books to push it up an impossible hill called Amazon’s Top Ten Chart. I’m sure the Brontes, and Virginia Wolf didn’t have to worry about topping imaginary charts.

In reality, I can’t compete with the big name publishing company without re-mortgaging my home. As much as I believe in my work I’m not about to risk losing the roof over my head in some vain hope to top a chart that has no real value.

What is a Number One, and what is its real value if your book hasn’t been read?

I remember watching Top of the Pops on the television, going into school the next day and chatting excitedly with friends about our favourite pop singers. We would argue about who made it to the top of the charts from one week to the next. To become number 1 was to reach stardom.

But for what?

In reality it was a soul destroying exercise for many of the young musicians. What we need to ask ourselves is what did the musicians want for themselves when they set out on their singing careers?

 Was it to be able to sing 🎤 Writing a beautiful song 🎶 that everyone would remember, or making the music industry more money for their investors?

The dream, or the reality for whom?

For me, it was all about the song .🎶 The one you sang along with, and even today when you hear it played, it brings back wonderful memories.  It doesn’t matter whether it made it to number one, or not. If we could talk to the near-miss pop singers who didn’t top the charts, I wonder if their soul destroying stories of their struggles to make it, would make us stop and think about rating books, music or art in charts that has no real bearing on creating quality work.  Who are these charts really for, when the real buyer is Joe public.

And what happened to the singers that didn’t top the charts? Were they dropped by the music publishing industry as they moved onto the next big thing?

Imagine all the beautiful songs and music we didn’t get to hear.

I for one know it is so important to focus on the reality of writing. Think twice. No reward is easily won. Being a writer isn’t an easy ride to fame and fortune, but a hard journey of dedication and passion to see your first three books in print.

Your first book is a trial run. Your second to see if readers really liked the first and the third is a test to see if you have a following. Hopefully by the fourth you might start earning some money, a little if you’re lucky. Remember, there’s plenty of people out there willing to make your dream into a reality, if you pay for their services. Don’t give into them.

Don’t lose heart, stay focused and keep writing. Your journey has only just began.

Best wishes always.

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