It’s a bank holiday weekend here in Britain so I’m busy in my garden. After weeks of rain we are having some beautiful sunshine. Today is a Sunday. I’m sitting here writing this before I go out to clean out my greenhouse before it gets too hot.
Yesterday morning, my husband had work so I did so work on my Granny Wenlock book before going outside. I’m pleased with my progress on the book, though it is much slower than I would like but I have a lot on at the moment. I’ve been busy painting fences and garden furniture.

My writing group will be meeting up at the end of June for the first time in over a year. As we will be meeting outside I want the garden to look tidy so I’ve been busy getting it ready.

My garden

I paid to have an advertisement put in a magazine I hadn’t heard of before. For the money I paid I was surprised and pleased with the quality of the advertisement which is published both online and in a physical magazine. Fingers crossed that it does generate some sales.

To buy please click on this Link

Have a great day and I will chat again with you soon


  1. Wow! Your garden looks fantastic, Paula. I’ve never seen a photo from this vantage point before and I must say I’m very impressed. It looks like a delightful place to spend a lot of time!! Lots of hard work, too, I’m sure, but in the end definitely worth it. A job well done 🙂

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