There I was looking through the latest writing magazine thinking about sending in post about my soon to be released second novel, Seeking The Dark when I came across a piece about a writing friend of mine.

Dawn Knox and I are both published authors and have been writing for Bridgehouse Publishing’s anthologies for many years now. It was lovely to read about her success in The Writing Magazine. Dawn had joined forces with another writer, Colin Payn to write a post-apocalyptic book. It must have been tough for them to work together on their joint writing adventure during the pandemic as they could only meet up online to discuss any issues they had while working on their project. Their amazing book, The Future Brokers is quite achievement, and is now available to read.

As I carried on flicking through the magazine another face jumped out at me which I hadn’t expected to see ☺️😂 Does it look familiar to you?

It’s rather stormy here today. Very windy. Hopefully the weather will settle down and I can start planting my vegetables out. I shall plant them under glass this coming week.


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