I’m still reeling from seeing the merchandise with Granny Wenlock on it. Granny Wenlock has become a story waiting to be told. It’s going to be a dark one at times, but there will also be a lighter side too.

There was a time when she was a young woman when she dreamed of finding true love, and starting a family much as we do in today’s world, but the world of the 1600’s was a very different place.

I shall find it very interesting to weave together stories as Dave and Joan investigate cases that are brought to them. I must confess to knowing very little about this time in Britain’s history.

Today, my Granny Wenlock cup arrived. I took one over to my neighbour, Joan. She was so excited to see it and now it has become her breakfast cup.

If you would like to check the merchandise for yourself here’s the link

I hope you enjoy see it. I can’t wait to see my cushion cover though Demain Publishing has add the Funeral Bird book cover too so it looks as though I shall be ordering two covers for my sofa. 😂🤣🤣

Chat again soon.


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