On Saturday I went for my Covid vaccination. It floored me. I had heard from other people via my husband that they had a rough time of it but you hope that you will be different. Yesterday, I didn’t quite know what to do with myself so I went back to bed for a while. Then my husband and I went for a walk around the village. By the time we got back I was ready for bed again. This time I slept through to nine o’clock at night.

My husband came up and lay on the bed, chatting to me about his Facebook page when our cat, Willow joined us. She lay along side him. Russell and I got into a heated discussion about a post he had put up on his page, but he couldn’t find in the main thread.

Willow got up from where she had been lay and put her front paws on his chest and meow at us. It was as though she wanted us to stop our arguing. Bless her. She had come to us from a house where there was a lot of shouting and raised voices. So I’m guessing she was putting a stop to us.

The promotion of Stone Angels over the weekend went well, I think, but only time will time whether I’ll see any difference in sales of my next book , Seeking The Dark or not.

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Days Pass Like A Shadow is now available as a kindle download for 99p/99cents for the next three day.

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Within the pages of Days Pass like a Shadow are thirteen dark tales covering the theme of death and loss. At the centre of every story is a beating heart. For the reader to make the journey to that centre, along the flowing veins of words, all they need is a few minutes during a lunch break, or at the end of the day. The reader will be introduce to a rich and diverse collections of characters¬- gardener, a serial killer, time traveler, sleepwalker and many more. On the Streets of Kabul in Afghanistan, a soldier faces a life-threatening situation while searching for his missing comrade and childhood friend among the narrow alleys. Perfect Justice finds a secretary planning a murder. Shelved takes a reader into the librarian’s office, while Burning the Midnight Oil has a son uncovering the truth about his dying mother. So put your feet, relax with a cup, or glass of your favourite beverage and let’s begin first with The Meetings…


      1. Thank you so much. Don’t give up and be willing to edit your work. I kept being told my work needed more editing. A friend showed me how to edit and what I needed to do. I learnt a lot from her. I then put that into practice with my other books. I’m busy writing my fifth novel now. I have seven novels on my computer that I will edit as I have been shown so hopefully they will be published too.


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